What’s a CDN and where can I get one?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and the purpose of a CDN is to help deliver content like images and video and other website files to your website users in a quick and efficient way. By doing that, the time to load up your website on your visitor’s computer/tablet/phone is greatly reduced making for a much better user experience.

How a CDN works

A CDN is a specially configured network of servers that stores copies of your website files. When your website has a visitor, the CDN will serve website files from a server on its network that is closest, geographically, to the user’s location thereby reducing the time it takes for all the files to reach your visitor’s web browser.

Why a Content Delivery Network is important for your website

Website speed is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Search engines rank fast sites better over slower ones (everything else being equal). Therefore, if search engine rankings are important then A CDN will help your site to rank better.
  2. Website users typically expect a website to load fast, typically within 3 seconds. If you’r website takes any longer the user is likely to click away to another website rather than wait.

Where can I find a Content Delivery Network

There are both free and paid for solutions available – Techradar have compiled a great list here