Fast and Secure Web Hosting for WordPress Websites

Using WP Engine, one of the most reputable and well known WordPress website hosting companies in the world, our hosting package ensures your website is secure whilst providing your site visitors, customers and potential clients with a fast user experience.

only £10 per month*

(or take up a Monthly Website Management Retainer option and get hosting for free!)

*paid annually, or £12 paid monthly

Hosting Benefits

  • Award-winning support
    WP Engine ONLY hosts WordPress sites and support staff know the platform inside and out
  • Security
    WordPress security updates are automatically applied as soon as they are released to help secure your website quickly
  • SSL Certificate included (https)
    A free SSL certificate is available to secure connections between your website and browsers providing your visitors with trust in your website
  • Speed
    WordPress sites are delivered quickly through proprietary tools including a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver web pages faster to your users
  • Backups
    Daily, automated backups are included meaning even if your website were affected the latest backup will only be a day old
  • Staging site
    A staging site is included to help you make design and development changes to your website without affecting the live site; Changes can then be pushed to the live site when convenient


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But why are security and speed so important?

To put it simply, your Brand Reputation.

Consider this simple but effective analogy:

Suppose for a moment that your website is a physical shop or office. Are visitors likely to come to it if it is in 

  • a high-crime area? And/or
  • a high traffic area, with little parking, and getting to your door always takes longer than it should?

Would you visit a business for which the above are true, or would you find a more suitable alternative? On the Internet, that alternative is only a click away. In a single click, poor hosting could be costing you business.

This is why NEROdigital partnered with WP Engine, one of the most secure and fastest web hosting providers for WordPress websites. Get in touch to host your WordPress website with us.

Website Security

Website security always begins with the host. If a website hosting service doesn’t take security seriously, then it is very likely that a website, not necessarily yours, will be hacked and malicious scripts introduced. It’s what happens after that could possibly affect your website and your visitors.

You see, most cheap hosting companies are able to offer very affordable fees by hosting a lot of websites on a single server, sometimes anywhere from 50 to a 100; the more websites there are the higher the chance that one of them hasn’t enough on-site security to prevent a hack; And once it’s hacked, the malicious scripts spread from site to site within the shared server. 

This can mean that when a potential customer visits your website they are served with pop-ups and ads displaying inappropriate content, or worse, malicious viruses are downloaded. That visitor is likely to never visit your site again for fear of getting their device infected. 

Their trust in your brand is blown.

At best only that visitor may blacklist your brand however in today’s world, with easy-to-broadcast tools like Facebook and Twitter, that one visitor could alert a hundred friends and followers within minutes, hurting your brand reputation immeasurably.

An additional negative consequence of such a situation is that if search engines like Google become aware that your website is high-risk then it will down-rank the site in search engine results, costing you traffic. 

So don’t let poorly secured website hosting cost you business –  get in touch to host your WordPress website with us.

Website Loading Speed 

Today’s Internet users expect fast access to websites and research has shown that for every second a website takes to load, page abandonement increases propotionally; If a website takes longer than 4 seconds to load then page abandonement increases by 25%! 

Many cheap hosting services host a large number of sites on a single shared server. What the shared refers to is ‘shared server resources’, meaning that the more sites there are, the fewer resources your website has to deliver your website to a visitor’s browser, and the longer the website takes to load. 

The longer a website takes to load, the quicker site visitors click away to the competition.

Load speed is such an important issue for web users that search engines like Google place value on load-speeds when ranking websites. A like-for-like website that takes longer to load is ranked lower in search engine results than one that loads faster. This has a natural, negative, impact on website traffic, possibly costing you leads and sales.

So don’t let slow website hosting cost you business –  get in touch to host your WordPress website with us.